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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Motorized Blinds


If you are in the market for new Singapore blinds, you might want to consider motorized blinds. They bring a lot of advantages to the table. While you might have your initial preference, don’t overlook this type of blind.

Motorized blinds have some solid benefits that can help you not just achieve the interior look that you are shooting for but can also help you long after you have installed blinds.

With that said, as part of an informed buying decision process, you need to also be aware of and be mindful of the specific disadvantages motorized blinds have.

Once you have a clear idea about the advantages and disadvantages of this type of blinds, you can make a clear and truly informed decision. This is crucial to making sure that you are happy with your decision however way you decide.

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Advantages: Convenience

The great thing about motorized blinds is that, they are very convenient to operate. You only need to press a button and the blinds pretty much handle themselves. This is important for rooms in your home that need a lot of lighting modulation. You don’t want to be constantly, physically raising and lowering your blinds depending on the position of the sun.

Also, if you’re trying to set a certain mood or ambiance in particular rooms, you can do this easily by just operating the motorized blinds control.

In fact in Singapore, many motorized blinds have remote controls that you can operate from across the room. Compare this with having to walk over and manually manipulate your blinds. While this is a great form of exercise, it does get old after awhile.

Advantages: Handles heavier blind materials

If your blinds are made of heavy materials, motorized blinds are great. You might not feel like handling heavy blinds every single day.

Unfortunately, if you use manual blinds, this is precisely what you’ll be doing. When you use a motorized blinds, not only do your heavier wood blinds look great, but they are a breeze to operate.

Disadvantages: Risks of mechanical failure

Of course, with every advantage there is a disadvantage. This applies to all products. The big disadvantage of motorized blinds is that, there’s always a risk of mechanical failure.

Whether you get a defective motor or due to wear and tear issues. There’s always a risk that your motorized blinds will stop working.

Additionally, motorized failure can take different forms. Your blinds can stop working all together or they can only open up to certain extent.

Either way, it can get quite annoying. Also, it would take extra money and effort on your part to fix the problem.

Also, it can get quite embarrassing. You don’t want to be in a position where you are opening your blinds to your guests and your blinds get they’re stuck.

Disadvantages: Unnatural feel

Some people in Singapore like the idea of physically operating their blinds. There’s something natural to the process. Also, the mechanisms of non-motorized blinds seem more natural.

If you care about the overall natural feel of your blinds, this could be a big sticking point.

Keep the considerations above in mind when considering motorized blinds. You might think that they are a great idea going in, but if you don’t pay attention to their disadvantages, you might regret your decision later on. The key to a fully informed decision is to know all sides.

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